Built your models but no time to paint them yourself? Are you looking for a special model to be made for that display case? Or you just want a ready to play army? Well you have come to the right place! We provide painting services, custom models to your own design and commission work at some of the most reasonable rates on the net. Our painting is not limited to one type of model either, some projects have included painting old 1970's star wars and star trek miniatures to the new GW products. Everything from a single custom centerpiece model to an entire 2000+ pt Warhammer 40k or Fantasy army with over 100 models.
No matter how big or small the project, We Build & Paint, Everything & Anything!

40K Showcase is always taking on new projects, there is always room for more work. So here are some details. Turnover for most projects is anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Larger projects can take anywhere from 2 weeks to upwards of 3 months. We use paypal for our transactions. Feel free to contact me anytime, no matter the question or inquiry, I guarantee you will get a response.
You can contact me at for more on payment and price details.
All models are to your design and specifications, everything from weapons setup to color layout. In some circumstances, I have been allowed to paint with my own creative input and design. All finished projects are treated with care when packaged. We make sure that they are wrapped and protected as best as possible. All models are individually wrapped and always shipped via airmail unless other wise specified.

In addition to this, we sell fully painted models and unique conversions on eBay from time to time. So come back to the page and check to see if we have anything for sale. We have a 100% feedback rating on Ebay.

Our customers are very important to us and we will make sure that the process for commissions or any painting project is made as simple as possible and done with respect and courtesy. All communication is done through email and we strive for an honest and easy going relationship with all potential customers or inquiries.

So feel free to look through the Galleries at all of my past projects and Enjoy!

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Who's Painting my models?
Welcome to 40K Showcase, My name is Alex (praesor)and I have been painting for 10 years. I am a 11 time Golden Demon Finalist and have won various competitions. I have attended 6 consecutive Gamesday events hosted by Games Workshop. I have also been featured in the popular Sheffield Irregulars Magazine, which is a quarterly released downloadable online magazine. I decided to start painting for people after getting a lot of requests when I worked at a local Games Workshop.I have a passion for painting and one day hope to be featured in White Dwarf and win a Golden Demon. I treat every project as if it was my own and strive to achieve greatness with every project that I take on.

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