Red Scorpions Severin Loth & Honor Guard


While I was also painting the Raven Guard that I recently posted I was also working on these guys. The Red Scorpions are one my favorite chapters and I once owned a full painted army, which I parted with to a good friend of mine. Well after seeing these models, he just had to have them to add them to my former army. And I must say they will make a great addition. The pieces that you get with this set are amazing and very detailed. The four torso really help to make the unit stand out from the rest and with the shoulder pads really it gives it that look of Power and Authority. The unit can be put together in many different ways and you can easily add an apothecary to fill the unit out and use it as a Command squad. I also added in some Brass etch.
The Severin Loth model is just utterly amazing. In my opinion it is probably one of the best looking librarians ever produced for the game of Warhammer 40k. The model is torso, legs and head are all one piece and  the arms and pads are separate. I imagine you could pose them in a different manner if you wanted to. Also the model could easily be converted to be used in a different army. The painting on Severin is pretty straight forward, nothing special. The only thing I really changed was the color of the knee pads to help tie in with the honor guard. But overall I feel it came out pretty good.
As for the honor guard, I did my best to match the colors used in the army they are joining. I use Charadon Granite for the base color of the models. It appears to be quite close to that shown in the IA books. I use Iyanden Dark sun for the yellow, which I find is closer to the mustard color on there armor. The whole project turned out pretty good and will fit very nicely in the army they are joining. Next up, Red Scorpions Dreadnaought. Thanks to all my followers and keep visiting and telling your friends.

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Anonymous said...

These models look absolutely fantastic! The work Alex did on these models is so good I find myself scared to touch them...yeah, that's how good they are! Alex does an awesome job, if you want something painted or custom built, get this guy to do it. You won't regret it!