Blood Angels Commission - FW Dread and Commander

Again another commission that I have been working on recently. The customer requested that the dread be painted up in a Blood Angels Death Company colors. I really like how he choose to use the Chaplain Dreadnought and have it equipped with 2 close combat weapons, has a real menacing feel to it. I painted the dread in pieces because I find it a lot easier to work with and allows me to get everywhere on the model. As for the Commander, again the customer asked for it to be painted in traditional Blood Angels colors. I added in a little gold in a few places to give him a more commanding feel and to so that it stands out. Also I painted most of the seals and Lightning claws in a Green color to contrast with the red armor and help to draw attention to it. I hope that these models fit well with the customers army and help him crush the enemies of the Blood Angels.

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