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Master Belial of the Deathwing
Captain Darnath Lysander of the Imperial Fists
Space Wolves Terminator Captain or Grimmnar
Crimson Fists Casualty
Forgeworld Chaplain Dreadnaught with Assault drill and inferno cannon

Just some more models I am currently selling on Ebay, they will be up for auction starting today for 5 days, you can cick the link in the top left hand corner to get to the listings. As for the models I used a couple resin bases for the dread and belial, the base on the wolf was scuplted with green stuff, and plasticard for the lysander. Other then that I really enjoyed paintng these and hope they all go to a good home and have fun gaming with them. Till next time.

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Nathan said...

Great models. I was wondering if you could put a paper or something in the picture to tell what model it was of (Ultramarine commander, "Grimnar" or whatever).

I enjoyed seeing the models. I wasnt sure who the top one was tho.