Deathwing Army Commission - Hq Choices

The request the customer made to me was that they wanted a Deathwing army that had all three types of single unit Hq choices, allowing them flexibility. So I choose the new librarian term, BT chaplain term and the standard term captain and went to work assembling the models and getting them ready for paint. Well since the customers requested that all the models be the same color other then the champlain, it made my job a little easier. First I went to work painting the captain which would be used to represent Belial and painted the sword to look like the Sword of Silence.I also added a scratch built deathwing symbol made of plasticard to the base of the captain to emphasis him as the leader, it was a nice touch. The chaplain was pretty straight forward as the customer as me to keep it plain and simple like the GW version. When it was time to paint the librarian, I found it odd that he would be the same color as the troops but it turned out better then I thought, and adding a little green to offset the abudance of bleached bone was a nice touch. In all it took me about a week in all to put them together, and the customer loved them. I even got a tip.

Next up Deathwing Terminator squads.

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