Imperial Guard Cadian Commission

Well it is that time again followers, another project. This is a very large, well to me very large, Imperial Guard project. As you can see from the pictures there was a lot of models, 9 tanks, 2 flyers and over 70 troops with 2 walkers. All of the models were built when they arrived at my studio and right away I was excited to paint them. I have always had a love for the guard, would just never play them, so when ever I get the painting fever. With this project, it
was pretty straight forward, standard Cadian colour scheme. For the khaki colour I used  Hammerfall khaki from P3. Great coverage and has a lot more opacity then the GW Kommando Khaki, which is not one of my favourite paints from them. Anyway, the paint job was pretty staright forward, I sprayed the models with orkhide shade then worked backwards on them. I find basecoating the models a color that is part of the overall look saves alot of time and paint. Other then that the models were very simple to paint, if you would like to know more then email me and i will try my best to help you out. Overall the project came out really well and I was very happy with it and so was the customer, the only thing that needed to be done was adding melta guns to some of the models.
Till next time, maybe some personal stuff or another project.
Till then Happy gaming and tell your friends to follow.

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