Chaos Black Legion & Daemon Prince

So this is a small Chaos Black Legion I was working on last month. I don't get a lot of Chaos projects so when i had the opportunity to take this one on, I jumped all over it, especially since there was a Daemon prince involved. Such a beautiful plastic kit. Well the models came to me already built so all i had to do was work my magic on them. The models were to be painted up in the standard Black legion color scheme that so many 40k players are familiar with, the black and gold. The only thing that was done differently was that the hand on the Daemon prince was to be painted purple to represent the mark of slaanesh, something the customer wanted. I was also able to have my own creative input on the basing for the models and felt nothing would better then to do a lava field to add to the darkness that these models represent. But about the paint job it was pretty straight forward with nothing really special, all the traditional codex colors. If you have any questions then feel free to let me know and i will do my best to help ya out.  As for this project both the customer and I were very happy with how they turned out and started working ona night lords project which will be showcased come the new year. So keep checking back and don't forget to follow me to be ahead off the game and see projects before they are posted anywhere else.

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