Orks - Speed Freaks

Well it has been awhile since I last posted, due to some complications in my life I have been unable to find the time to keep up to date on my blog and I want to apologize to my followers. Now to business. Over the last month or so I was painting a Speed Freaks army for a friend of mine and must admit it was a nice change to the things I normally do, like Space Marines. When he approached me with the project I was excited to take it one and totally knew what look I wanted to give his speed freaks. I thought that nice dull red would look great with a mustard yellow and I wanted to see how well an army would look if the base colors were only foundation paints.Overall I think they ahve a great look and the are far more models then what is shown in the posted photos. All the models were built by my friend and I think he did a great job with the Warboss and the vehicle to give them that orky look. I especially like the belt buckle he used on the front of one of the Battlewagons. It took me about 3 weeks in all to paint these models and thought that getting it done in that amount of time was a miracle I had no idea I get that many models done in that short periond of time, almost 200 models.
Also in the meantime while I was painting those I was able to find some time to work on my own projects and get a little more done on them, still no paint on them as I want to finish building them before I start painting them. Gamesday is approaching fast and I want to have them done for my trip to Baltimore. I promise more post in the future so keep checking back and thanks for all your feedback.

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Without wishing to seem stereotyped...... WAAAAAAAAAARGH!