Dark Angels Command Squad and Grand Master Azrael

Here is a Dark Angels Command Sqaud and Grand Master Azrael that I just recently finished. The project was pretty straight forward, with me just using a command squad sprue with the Dark Angels Veterans squad box. With all the extra bits that you get in the DA box it really helps to make your command squad all that more Dark Angels, with all the icons and shoulder pads. I enjoy painting Dark Angels and would love to paint one for myself one day. I always start with a black undercoat for painting Dark Angels. I find it helps to keep the tone of the green armor darker then if it were on white. As for the robes I always start with Khemri Brown and then work my way up bleached bone and then using a mix of skull white and Bleached bone to achieve the proper highlights. As for Azrael, I had never painted the model before and had a lot of fun doing so. The banner is very well sculpted and really made it quite easy for me to paint. I tried to stick to the same look as the GW model. The modelis kinda outdated but is still nice. Overall I am very happy with how the models turned out. Thanks for visiting and keep check back for more projects.

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