Man O war ships - Empire and Bretonians & FASA Star Trek ships

Hello again followers. I have just recently finished some Man-O-war ships and some Fasa Star Trek ships. The Star Trek ships are a lot of fun to paint and a nice change to all the Warhammer models I paint. They are fairly easy to build and sometimes they require almost no assembly. Overall though I very happy with how they turned out and look forward to painting more of them. They are old and quite hard to find. As for the Man o War ships, the two factions are the Empire, with skulls on the sails and the bretonians have the iron cross. All the masts were made from soldering two pieces of brass wire  together to make them stronger, since the original ones were made from plastic and paper and broke quite easily during game play. The sails are made from a thin plasticard and were all hand painted. I think they turned out a lot better then the original paper. As for the completed ships they are a lot stronger then they were. Once again another solid project finished. Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback.

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Anonymous said...

Great work Alex!

Long Live Fasa Star Trek!