Death Korps Of Krieg - Part 2

 These are the second part of a commission I was working on for a friend of mine. He wanted them painted up in a dark color scheme to help to add to the more sinister look that the Death Korps have. I kept the paint job very simple on the models a dark grey for the coats and black for the pants, cuffs, armour and the weapons. I then used red as a neutral accent color and some blue for the eyes and weapons. In addition to this I painted there gloves and boots brown. And then added a bit of silver to the packs and masks on the models. In all there as 2 Valkyries, 2 Leman Russes ( I am still workin on number 2 ), an Earthshaker Cannon, 18 Heavy weapon platforms, 3 Comussars, 3 command squads, an Hq squad, 10 veterans and 50 troops that were cut from the Gorgon strip troops you buy for the transport. Overall it was alot of work but I am very happy with how they all turned out, but the main thing was that my friend has been very happy with all the work I have done so far. Also there is still 6 more Heavy weapons, a Comussar and a custom built Comussar to be painted yet but thats part 3. Till then Thanks for your interest and feel free to leave your comments or questions.

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Anonymous said...

Love the tank and the cannon!

Very nice job! Wish you'd post more often, though! This is one of 3 blogs I frequently check for painting inspiration! ;)