Space Wolves Characters

Once again another project that I have just recently finished. Here are 3 Space Wolves models I was asked to build. There is Ragnar Blackmane at the top, then a Wolf Priest and the last of the 3 is Arjak the Anvil. I think I got his name right, but anyways.  With the Ragnar model there was some cutting and greenstuff needed to get the pose right and create the weapon, most of te other pieces are from other Marine models, the Back Pack is from the Lightning Claw Space wolf that came out oh so long ago. As for painting that model I was asked to paint him in the Darker Blue/Black color that you sometimes see on other space wolves models. It is such a beautiful color. The wolf priest was pretty straight forward build but when it came time to paint I decided to add some free hand runes and a couple wolf symbols to give him that look of a wolf priest. As for Arjak he was quite the adventure and a good one. Starting with the head t is actually the space wolf head that has a huge head of spiked hair, sort of like a dwarf. I Carved all of the hair off it and then added in a couple little details, the head was carve out of another no greenstuff. The owner of the model wanted him to be a little beefier then most terms, the model was spaced at the waist to give some extra height and I added a greenstuff cape. The hammer started on a right hand and I switched it to the left. As for the sheild it is made entirely from plasticard and some bitz and the anvil was made entirely from plasticard as well. Overall I am very happy with how the models turned out both building and painting. After painting these space wolves have given me some ideas as to how I will go about painting up my personal project that I am working on. My personal army I have been working on for months is coming to a point were I need to many hard pieces to make it work so I scaled it back a bit but all that means is that my tactical squads don't get all the upgrades just some. Anyways keep your eyes out for it. I might even post what is I have been orking on for myself for months.


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the face; my faces are usually quite terrible.

Lots of gold here, too... did you mix the gold, or did you use a gold paint?

Jeff said...

Awesome job Alex. Nice work with the free hand.