Blood Angels Attack Bikes and Baal Predator


Well here is another project that I have been working over the last few weeks. I really enjoy painting the Blood Angels and when they are done right they look amazing. I built the predator with changable weapon sponsons, they are magnetized so that the tank can use both the heavy flamer and the heavy bolter. This was a very easy conversion to do and would love to help out anyone who would like to know how it was done. I also added weathering and battle damage to the tank and the bikes. Since doing this project I have building up my own version of the ball predator without the metal parts, it will all be made from plastic. The models have been painted in the traditional Blood Angels colours and love the yellow helmets on the red armour. Overall I am really happy with how the paint job and minor conversion turned out. The colours I used to highlight the red armour was Blazing and Fiery Orange, I prefer to use these instead of the two colors that Gw uses on all of there Blood Angels models. Once again if you any questions feel free to leave your comments and thanks for visiting.

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I think your stuff is awesome. Hey I am just starting a Blood Angel army.Can you give me any help on how to begin?