Blood Bowl Teams

Skaven Blood Bowl Team
Norse Blood Bowl Team
Referee and Blood Bowl Balls
Human Blood Bowl Team 1 with Zug
Human Blood Bowl Team 2

Well it has been a while since I last posted and mainly due to being quite busy with a few large commission. Here we have a few Blood Bowl teams that I was asked to paint for a few friends of mine. There was also a few tree man that I painted to go along with another team that he already has. After painting all the teams I have to say that it was alot of fun to play around with all sorts of colors, always helps to get practice with colors you don't use a whole lot like pink. There are a 2 changes that were made after these photos were taken, the orge on the pink team has had 2 spiked shoulder pads attached to it and there was another model added to the skaven team, a skaven assassin holding to blades.I am really happy with how all the teams have turned out. There are many more teams to paint, so keeping checking back for more work, till next time.

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