Black Templars Commission

Well this is another project I had been working on recently and it is finally complete. I eally enjoy painting the Black Templars theme, it looks really good. I think I might use the same white on black approach for another project that I am workiing on for myself, with a few changes. As for these Templars, this group is to go with the other models I painted a few months ago and they will look great with them. I also went a little further with a couple of the models since they are either going to be used as HQ units or just for show, such as Grimaldus and his retinue. As usual the models will be going to a nice home and find lots of action on the battlefield, next project possibly a weather-beaten Deathwing with lots of damage. Feel free to leave any questions or comments.

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Kuffeh said...

Those look awesome, really well painted. I really like the Emperor's Champion conversion, simple but really effective.