Eldar Farseer and Warlocks on Jetbikes - Commission

Well yet another project, this time Eldar. This is an Farseer and 5 Warlocks on Jetbikes Hq squad that I am currently working on for a customer. I found this project to be a little more work then your usual project. I started with the originala metal farseer box and 3 additional warlocks in blisters and 5 jetbikes and the autarch jetbike box aswell. I started with the metal figures by utting them in half at the waist and removing any arms or bits that would not work or fit on the bikers legs. And yes it was quite time consuming and dulled 2 saw blades, lots of sweat. After that I built all the bikes and left the front cover off for priming and to give me some more room to green stuff the rider legs to look more like a robes from the original models. I also had to swap up some of the weapons since the customer wanted 3 with singing spears and 3 with witchblades. Now that I have the models converted and built I will get them primed and start painting them in the aliatoc colors like requested. I had a lot fun and learned a few new things while building this project, next time I build an eldar model it will be a custom farseer. Check back soon to see the finished product and feel free to leave your comments.


Unknown said...

I am drooling, awesome job. I can't wait for the finished pics!

Yuko said...

I shall be keeping a close eye on this one as well. The fate of Darren's little Ravens depends on an offshoot of this project.

*evil leer*

Darren said...

And you be good to them as well, minx!