Raven Guard Characters

Raven Guard Chaplain

Raven Guard Librarian
Both of these models were a blast to build and especially fun to paint. I really like the color ideas that were given to me before I started painting them and found that both models turned out great. I also painted both models in two different painting styles, sometimes it helps to change up the style. helps to break the monotony of painting so many models. Other then that I had a blast painting both of these. Fell free to leave your comments or questions.


Yuko Mizushima said...

I claim them both. Darren can go stick his head in a pig if he thinks he will be keeping these for himself.

Thank you Alex.

Darren Ashmore said...

So, it is a fight then?

Remember that they are being deliverd to the office. You see if they get brought home or not!


Praesor said...

hope you guys love them.

mooci said...

The white chap with bins on his back is ace !! :)

Darren Ashmore said...

In the darkness of the future, there is only recycling (left bin for burnables, right bin for plastics).