Chaos Blood Bowl Team

This was another fun project that I have been working on lately. I was asked to copy a style for this army from a picture the customer provided for me. I duplicated the look on the beastman to almost exactly what was shown in the picture. As for the star players I was given a little more free reign but was given a general guideline as to how they should look. And with the mutants or mutations, I was given complete freedom on. I feel the army has a very good overall look and all the models tie in to each other with the chosen color scheme. I based all the models using a light green flock and then flattened it to give the impression of a trapled football field. I then went ahead and painted the field lines on them to tie them all together even more. I think the team turned out amazing and hope that kick butt on the field.

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Anonymous said...

These look good. Jeff and I have chosen well. I look forward to meeting with you and giving you my minis.

Toronto, Canada