Imperial Guard Cadian 101st Army

Entire Army
Penal Legion
Infantry Squad 1
Infantry Squad 4
Infantry Squad 2
Infantry Squad 5
Infantry Squad 3
Heavy Weapons Teams
Heavy Weapons Teams
Heavy Weapons Teams
Heavy Weapons Teams
Command Squad 1
Command Squad 2
Commissar & HQ Squad

This army was a commission for a friend of mine. He asked me to copy a camo pattern that was on some models he purchased from Ebay. After figuring out what colors were used I started painting. I did all the bases first since that is usually how I paint my models. Again the bases were to match the other army. Overall I think the project came out pretty good. I picked up this army from a friend of mine for really cheap, all I had to do was trade some models. I got a good deal. Unfortunately the Heavy weapons teams were on small bases and there was no large 60mm bases provided. So Instead of buying some I just cut out some 60mm discs from some plasticard, which turned out great. As usual I had a pleasure painting this army and it will look great along side the DKOK army that I am also building for the same person. Once again feel free to leave your comments and questions. Happy Gaming!


Anonymous said...

you've got too many models in your command squad, or is the other model with a cap a commissar.

Praesor said...

Yep there is the commissar with the cap and then the 5 man command squad.

Anonymous said...

Nice work