Librarian Terminator and Preheresy Assault Marine

Pre Heresy Assault Marine

Librarian Terminator

I had alot of fun building both of these models, as I always enjoy using plasticard and green stuff. Practice will only help me get better the more I use it. The librarian terminator was especially fun because I decided to give it a pre heresy style look, stleast i think it looks sort of pre heresy like. I decided to use go with non traditional shoulder pads since all termies have them and I wanted this fella to stand out a bit. Overall I am very happy with how the model turned out.
As for the assault marine I was asked to make a a pre-heresy style jump pack, an I think I did a pretty good job. It is a little big but the technology was different then so I thought it was okay. Also I tried to shape the helmet to have a more bird like look and give it some wings to help achieve that look. Once again I feel I did a good job of getting the overall look I was looking for.
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Darren Ashmore said...

*The prospective owner swells with pride.*

I know i should do my own work, but it can't hurt to have a few masterpieces on hand to give you something to aim at. :)

Thanks Alex!