Guardians of Ultramar - Grand Master Osai

Here is the main leader of my Spartans of Ultramar army, his name is Grand Master Osai. I went with using him as a Grey Knight Grand Master and given him a retinue of 3 Grey Knights featured earlier in the showcase. He is built from the Forgeworld Red Scorpions Commander Culln model that I bought at last years Gamesday. I decided to build him as a GK Grand Master and right away i had to get rid of the sword. I then proceeded to build him a weapon from scratch that resembled something a greyknight would be armed with. What I used fro this custom weapon project was a DA battle mace from the upgrade sprue, a piece of brass rod, a piece of DE vehicle, some plasticard and green stuff. When I built the weapon I wanted to make it look like it would be held in both hands and thats why the head of the mace is on the other end. It was a lot of trial and error to get the look that I have now. Both pieces of the mace that were used have been drilled out to fit the brass rod inside or all the way threw. I then green stuff the super long purity scroll to add to the GK look I was after. The storm bolter had a laniard added that was cut from the SM commander storm bolter. All the RS symbols were filed down on the model and everything was hand painted on instead. The base is a made from a piece of the SM dreadnaught base. I used a segeant head from the tactical squad box instead of the one it came with. This is one of my favorite models that I own, it is only third to two others that I will showcase the closer we get to Gamesday.

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