Cardinal Varrius - The Red Chaplain

Well if you play with Space Marine then you all must know that Terminator Chaplains are a pretty good Hq choice. I use the Cardinal with just about every marine army I own. There is really no serious converaion work on the model other then the storm Bolter arm has been filed down a bit and repositioned to make it look slightly different then the usual stance. Well there is a story behind this model and it began sometime last year when I posted a pic of my normal vanilla black armor chaplain on facebook. Some one left a comment about saying that there paint job was better. This drove my ambition to paint better and so the black chaplain met his fate in the brake fluid. About a week later, I cleaned up the model and primed it up black. Well at this stage in my still developing painting skills, I had pretty much mastered painting red smoothly and decided to further my ability with painting this masterpiece. I now have a love of the colour red when it comes to painting my minis and is always fun. Knowing that I would putting alot of effort into the paint job, meant an equally stunning base made mostly of plasticard was needed. Instead of painting a standard Termie Chaplain I decided to go one step further a paint him up red to acheive the Cardinal look and feel.Also I felt it helped to show a ranking sytem similar to our church for the Reclusiarch of the Adeptus Astartes. And about 3 weeks of long nights were well spent for this frickin amazing model that blows people away evertime they see it.

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