Guardians of Ultramar - Chaplain Centerpiece

Well here is the centerpiece model of my army. I use it as a chaplain with a jump pack but I am also working on a special datasheet for it. I got this idea a while back after I finished building a scratch built emperor model, that I wanted to build a twin headed aquila or as most of us know the 40k double-eagle symbol. Well I found out that it was called a twin headed aquila, a legendary bird (a godly natural creature, not xenos) in the 40k universe. It was revered as a symbol of the emperor and would be an honour to anyone that bestowed there eyes upon one.
So the search began to track down and get the right pieces for the project.I was down at a local hobby store and picked the griffon model up for $12 can. I then order another head a my local GW store and when it arrived I went to work dremeling and greenstuffing the headed on to model to make it look realistic. The chaplain was made from a SM torso and I hacked up a set of legs and green stuffed them into the proper position and posture. The head is from a CSM sprue ,the right arm is from the SM Devastator sprue, normally use for holding ammo, the chain is just a piece of modelling chain that I have tons of. I then wrapped it around both heads to make it act as a leash sort of. The shoulder pads are fantasy ork bitz, the back pack symbol is a made from a couple of DA upgrade sprue pieces. The base is from the Urban basing kit. The saddle he is sitting on is made entirely of green stuff. This project took me about 3 weeks start to finish and there was a lot of dry fitting to get it to look right. I usually dont use it in play because it is so big and easy to see.More tommorow.

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