Necrons Commission - Part 2

 Well here is the second part of this commission, like i said in the previous post I had finished these up just after they had come out. I must admit before talking about the work itself that the new Necrons models are very well sculpted and highly detailed, very sexy models to say the least. As for the work, the models were painted in the traditional silver color with a little bit of black and gold mixed in give them there own look instead of being like the ones on the box. All the weapons have had a green energy effect painted on them which I felt really made the model tie together and give them that cyber-esque look
that Necrons should have in my opinion. After the models had all been painted then a rust effect wash was applied to the models to make them look like they have been at war for a long period of time or to show that they have been sitting around, either way, looked very cool. They were all based on urban and rock style resin bases from various manufacturers. With a little spot of static grass added here and there to break up all the rock. Again the idea was very well thought out and certainly inspired me to build some of my own if I had the time. Till next time the last part of these new bad boys the vehicles.

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