Necrons Commission Part 1

Alright well here another project that I finished recently, the new Necrons. First off I have to admit these models are very appealing and they are very pretty. So much so that they made me think about building an army for myself. Anyways about the commission, the models were painted in the traditional silver color that most necron armies are seen. The paint was very straight forward with the only thing that was added was a rust effect something the customer wanted on the models, which after I finished applying it looked very cool and gave them a more personal feel. The character models were given a lot more attention then other models in the army to make them stand out,. obviously. I painted all the weapons with an energy effect using a few of the GW green paints, like orkhide shade and scorpion green. I must admit that I am not a big fan of the finecast models as some of the smaller details are lost in the casting process not so much do to lack of resin but more so becuase there is sometimes a lot of flash and removing it takes some of the detail with it. Overall though the models are very sexy. If you would like to know how the models were painted exactly then feel free to email me. Also there is 2 more parts to this commission the troops and foot sloggers and the vehicles, so come back and check out the amazing models that are still to come.

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