Sisiters of Battle - Commission

 Well its time for me to post another project and I thought hey why not the Sisters I finished a few weeks back. I do have a lot of projects to post. So about this project. A while back a friend of mine came to me with these gorgeous models. It had been a long time since I painted sisters so I was quite excited to hit the brush and see what happened. He requested that they be painted in the most traditional of color schemes, the black and red. Which in my opinion is the best looking one, they just awesome this way. They are pretty straight forward to paint and just stuck to the layout that you usually see in the catalog or on the website. The models were given to me pre-assembled and already based so there wasn't much more to do then hut them with the brush. I started with the bases and worked my way up from
shadow grey to skull white using a dry brush. In between I added some codex gray and fortress gray to even out the color and give them a more realistic look of an urban rubble setting. After that I started on the models them selves highlighting the black with adeptus battlegrey and codex, then fortress. Pretty straight forward. After that I went to the reds and started from scab reed and worked my up to blood red then finished it off with a light wash of devlan mud and the a smaller wash of baal red to even out the color. The one thing I do like about the Sisters is painting there faces. Something i didnt like doing for a long time but now I cant get enough of faces, more practice means better results, most of the time. The silvers and gold were done using the standard GW paint and the wash with either devlan mud or badab black. Overall I think they turned out pretty well and look foorward to paintg some more in the future. Next up on the Webpage is an Ultramarines Captain I painted to start of my new 1000 point ltra force I plan to do over the summer and fall. Maybe i'll get my Spartan Marine project done and post those one dya. Till next time. And dont forget to telll your friends to follow my blog, when I reach 100 followers I will be giving away a character commision to one lucky follower, free of charge!

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