Black Templars Characters

These are two custom builds that I was asked to build for a Black Templar army. The top model is a chaplain and is a pretty straight forward conversion, nothing too serious. The bottom model is to be a champion. There is a little more to him then the chaplain. I gave him a gauntlet style bolter which is held under his shield arm. The symbol on the shield and banner are free hand painted. 
They were painted in the standard Black Templar style with just a little more gold added to make them stand out from there other battle brothers. They are based on a roadway style shown on the GW website. I am really pleased with how they turned out and have always enjoyed painting Templars.
I always try to upload as much as possible, but life can get
so busy. I finished these 2 models a while back, sometime in December last year. I am about 6 weeks behind on posting projects and plan to do a new post every couple days till I catch up.Keep coming back for more projects. There is a boat load in the pipeline to be posted including some of my personal projects. Thanks for following and till next time.

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