Star Wars Miniatures

This project consisted of some quite old and hard to find Star Wars miniatures from when the movie was firt released way back in the 70's. The models were attacked to the old style lead base attached to the bottom of the model. I did not want to remove the piece because it would hurt the structure of the model andd make them a little more fragile the n they already are. So they were left intact and attached directly to a standard 30mm base. As for the paint job it was a pretty straight forward project and all the models were painted in the same fashion as they appear in the movies. I really enjoyed painting these models since Star Wars is something I am a big fan of. The models were all based either on Tatooine desert, Endor Moon Forest, or the deck of an Imperial Ship. There are more of these models to come in the near future. More projects to bee posted very soon.

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