More Blood Bowl - All Star Ogres

This was a project that a friend of mine had seen and wanted something just like it. When he showed me pictures I was really excited and thought it would awesome to have one. The project was a set of ogres converted into a all-star painted blood bowl team. So I went to work modifying the orges and knoblars, removing the weapons and green stuffing some fingers and hand, which was a fair amount of work.I knew there was more work involved in the painting and wanted to make the building was done right. I was almost bang on with the same look as the original team both model and paint job. Painting the models was a little more challenging, especially since there are stars and stripes. I had never really painted stars on any of my projects but figured it would be tough and it was. I don't think any of the stars are the same size. But they look good. Then there was painting the stripes which can be a little tricky but with surface of the Orges it did not pose to much of a problem. Overall I was very pleased with the outcome of the unit overall and so was my friend. As for my own project I am almost ready to post the entire build. Feel free to leave your comments and thanks for visiting.

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