Blood Bowl Star Player Hack Enslash

Like I said in the earlier post, I have many project that I finished recently but hadn't posted. I finished this guy up just yesterday. It is Hack Enslash a star player in the game Blood Bowl. I built the model from a Skeleton Warrior, a couple chainswords, some plassticard and of course, Green Stuff. It actually took a lot of effort to get the ragged clothing to look right using Green stuff since I havent really had a practice sculpting it. Overall I think I did a good job with it, I can only get better. The model was farily easy to build other then that part, the leg had to be cut a repositioned, the torso had a spacer added to it, in the torso to get the model to stand up straight instead of leaning over like most GW skeletons. The arms were also cut a repositioned to have him holding the chainsaw in two hands. As for the chainsaw it was made from some plasticard, greenstuff, and 2 Space marine chainsword that were hacked to bits. The model was also painted in a blue and green scheme similar to that of the actual model. As usual the model is made entirely of plastic. More to come.

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