Ultramarines & Dark Angels

Dark Angels Ravenwing 4 wheeler/ Quad - sold

After building a few of these a while back I thought I would give it a go again. Overall I am happy with how it turned out and it has an awesome Ravenwing feel to it. I have bits from all sorts of different kits and will be building more in the future. This one is going on Ebay but if you would like one built feel free to contact me. This would make a great addition to your Ravenwing Squads.
Converted & GS Dark Angels Terminator Captain - sold

On this models I made legs conver and Dark Angels armor plates to add some size to the model. The models ahs been painted in the pre-hersy Black Dark Angels style and all the additional armor plates are painted in Dark Angels green and the trim with bleached bone to tie in with the current colors of the army. The large symbol on the cape is hand painted. This would make a great addition to your Dark Angels army either as belial or as a captain.
Dark Angels Veteran with Lightning Claws and converted backpack - sold

Again with this model all the symbols are hand painted and the back pack has been converted to add to the Dark Angels theme. He would make a great commander or additional vetrean in your Dark Angels army.
Ultramarines Command Squad - Sold
Command Squad - Champion
Command Squad - Apothecary

This Ultramarines Command Squad was going to be used for my new marine army i was working on but I changed direction with the theme and army style so I have no need to keep them anymore. They are all based on Urban Themed resin bases. All the symbols are all hand painted on and are not transfers or decals. The back packs have also been converted to make them stand out as a Command Squad. They will go to a great home.

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