Plastic Ghazghkull Thraka & Battlewagon w/ Custom Deftrolla

Here is the completed Battlewagon and Thraka models that I did as a commission for a friend of my own. The Ghazghkull Thraka model was built entirely out of plastic card and pieces from the AOBR warboss. I painted him the traditional black that thraka is and added tonnes of battle damage, since he is a warlord and has killed 1000's in battle. There is also elements of Blue and Yellow on him to tie in with the army that he will fighting along side of.
The Battlewagon has a custom scratch built Deftrolla that I built for it since there was not one out at the time when I built this model. Again it was painted to match the theme of the army it is for, Blue, Yellow and Silver. These will make a great addition to the players army and hope he has a blast kicking butt and taking names.


Corvus said...

solid painting there, great work

CHINI said...

Certainly one of the biggest over-price offerings from the Mint only meant to attract the sucker that's born every minute
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