All Plastic Ghazghkull Thraka Commission

Size Comparision to Space MArine Terminator and AOBR Ork Nob

A friend of my own came to me a while back and said something about how he did not like the current metal Ghazghkull thraka model produced by GW, especially the weight. So he challenged me to build him a new take or version of Ghazghkull made entirely of plastic for his Ork army that I had just finish painting about a few weeks ago. So I went about building him using well you guessed it plastic card or as others know it, sheet styrene. I used all sorts of different sizes of strips, tubing, and cut the larger pieces from a large sheet. I have been asked how I went about building the model and to come up with a tutorial on how I built it. If your interested in ordering one I can certainly build one for you , just email me. As for the tutorial if may be a few weeks before i have time to do it. Time to Paint.

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