Mortarion build. Early days.

This past Christmas i was gifted the beautiful Mortarion kit from Gw. Being quite busy since than I havent had much time to get to it, hut found some this past weekend. And yes I know it's been a while since I posted so figure kick this back off with a bang. After figuring out how to tackle this project and wanting a different feel than the standard pose I decide to get really ambitious and try something out there. Cant reveal nuch right now but here is the start of it. Since I want to give him an angel of death feel I felt nothing says reaper like decay and death, so maggots were needed. And every where the primarch of the death guard goes only plague follows, only stand to reason his touch would be just as such. Sculpting has been challneging but enjoyable and still much to learn. But for now its a good start to please father nurgle. Enjoy. More coming soon.

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