Super Figs

Most of these models are made by, they are called super figs. They make a wide variety of generic super hero miniatures. They group of yellow robots are manufactured from various companies. As for painting the models, it was a pretty straight forward project. All I really had to do was mix up the colors so they did not all look the same, to give them variety. They were painted using a different style then I normally paint. This is because they are wearing skin tight suits ,so edge highlighting would not look right on them. I took ideas from various superhero universes, so you might recognize some of the paint schemes. They were all based with the same gravel earth so they can be used in an urban environment, since most heroes fight in the city or close to it. I am very happy with how they turned out and really enjoyed getting more practice using colors that I normally don't use very often. Once again another project finished and more to come. So keep checking back for more projects. Also, I want to thank all those people who come and visit my blog and check out my work. Thanks for the support and interest, I appreciate it. Till next time.

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