Shadow Captain Korvydae and Raven Guard Dread


This is a project that I just finished up recently. It is a Raven Guard Dreadnought and Shadow Captain Korvydae from Forgeworld. The Dreadnought was a pretty straight forward build and paint. I wanted to keep the white to a minimum and therefore didn't paint the shoulders white. I added a few hand painted Raven Guard symbols and some red onto model. There is a Red motif throughout the army.Overall it turned out pretty good.
As for the Shadow Captain, he is a very well sculpted model. The process of building him was a little tricky since the arms are separate. Also there is a couple pipes that you have to glue onto the jump pack that can be a bit of a bother. But once he was built it was time to paint. The painting was pretty straight forward. Lots of black with bits and pieces of white. I tried to stick to the look of the one painted on the forgeworld site.The base also works well with the pose of the model and the overall look. Another great looking model that was fun to paint and turned out pretty well. Up next Red scorpions Severin Loth and Honor guard from forgeworld.

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