Eldar Farseer and Warlocks on Jetbikes

Well it took awhile but I have finished the Eldar Command on Jetbikes. There is a Farseer and 5 warlocks, 3 warlocks have witchblades and the other 2 have singing spears along with the farseer. The models were made from using the standard jetbike boxes and the warlock farseer command box and a few extra blisters of warlocks. The models are all infantry models and made of metal. I had to cut each model at the torso and some of the weapon arms had to be cut off almost all of them. I then used the guardian legs that come standard with the jetbike box and attached all the torso that I cut to each one. After that since they all had robes before I cut them in have, I decided to green stuff robes on them. In addition to this I added a green stuffed cape to the farseer. The witchblades and spears are from the dire avengers box. After that it was tme to paint them. I used enchanted blue and Iyanden darksun and then added Ice blue and golden yellow for highlights with a final highlight layer of white to each color. Overall I am very pleased with how they turned out and they sure are alot prettier in person. Feel free to leave your comments or questions, till next time.


Unknown said...

They look perfect, the yellow is stunning. Once again, nice job!

Anonymous said...

they're amazing, awesome job!