Hector Rex and Retinue WIP

About a day or so after recieving this moel in the mail I could no longer help myself and felt the need to build it. One of the things I find rather irritating about Forgeworld(FW) models is that they almost never go together properly and almost always require some sort of green stuff. Other then that they are very well sculpted and high detailed. Also look over your FW models with a fine tooth comb because there are lots of little pieces left on them after they're cast and will be a pain when you find them painting.
Once I had him built I decided upon a color scheme that I felt would best represent an Inquisitor of his stature, read the end of Siege ofVraks part 2, its great. I decided to go with blue and white with gold trimmings, to give him a more royal and regal look. Now with Gamesday here in Canada on the 20th of June and not having a squad entry built or painted for the Golden Demons and with the May Sheffiled Irregulars Challenge also taking place I thought I would try out techniques that I would not normally use on a squad and enter them in both if time permits me.
I am painting the entire squad without using any metallic paints and using blending and NMM techniques on everything I paint on them along with some light source shading. It has been a long 2 weeks since I got the models. I have around 70 hours into now. I have a bit more done then what is shown in the photos and still have some things to add to the display base that I built for the squad.
More to come in the next few days, till then.

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