2009 Golden Demon Finalist - Salamanders 2nd Company Master Areydon

After some hours of building and about 150 hours of painting, I have finally finished Areydon, Company Master of the Salamanders 2nd Company, Guardians of Prometheus. I painted the model using various techniques, such as, Non metallic metal, blending, and layering. Everything on the model has been hand painted by myself. I did alot of work on this model before it was painted. The flamer was built using a standard SM flamer and cutting it down in sections and gluing back together, the entire barrel has been drilled out as well. Also the bottle is from and old 2nd or 3rd edition hand flamer. The blade was made entirely from sheet styrene and an arm from the plastic SM champion. The cloak was cut and bent using a blow drier. There is also a bunch of plastic pieces used from various SM and DA sprues. The base was made from pre-molded sheet styrene and a piece from a building sprue.I am totally blown away at how awesome this model turned out, and hope to paint my entire Salamander army to this standard by GamesDay next year and enter it in the open or some in the squad.
This has to be one of my best painted minis yet, or is the best one yet.


Anonymous said...

wow, this is awe inspiring.

great work and I can't wait to see an whole army of these green-scaled asskickers.

Unknown said...

This is definitely one of your best, the non-metallic is very effective and the scales on the cloak have been done very well!

I'm not a fan of the helmet wings with a salamanders model, but they look cool nonetheless

Great job!!