Guardians of Ultramar - Command Squad

Photos in order top to bottom: Standard Bearer / Full Squad with Commander / Sergeant / Champion / Commander / Command Squad marines
For this squad I decided to customize it a bit to fit with the theme that I had going in the rest of the army. For the flamer model above I removed the flamer capsule from the gun and added a catachan flamer pack to the existing backpack, some filing was required. I then attached a piece of round tubular plasticardfrom the pack to gun to act as a fuel line. With the Standard bearer model I used the Empire flag, a brass rod and a Ultramarine symbol from the Commander sprue, but it can't be seen in the photos. Green stuff was used to attach the flag to rod, as well as to give it a realistic look. The sergeant is made from one the new dark Angels plastic models and I added the powerfist from the devastator sprue. For the Champion I molded together 2 Empire sheilds to make a sheild worthy of a champion. Instead of using the standard shoulder pads I went with pieces of Carapace from the nid sprues. The sword is from the forgeworld Commander Culln model, it is then attached to the sword arm from the commander sprue with some green stuff. And to finish it off, I went with the champion model from the Marneus Calgar command squad box, removed the poinard and replaced it with a plasma pistol and the Ultramarine iron halo from the Marneus model. I also choose this model because it looks like a spartan warrior and made a perfect leader.

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Anonymous said...

i like the plasma pistol idea for the champion, i used a storm bolter; but both look great!thx for the insperation!