Red Scorpions Razorback Project

Well I got a space marine battle force for christams and didnt get around to building it until about late january. The first thing I decide to build was the rhino that it came with and since my wife had bought me Imperial Armour 4, I knew that I wanted to build and paint my first codex chapter in almost 5 years. So to work I went building the rhino and then realized that since most of the models available for the red scorpions where forgeworld models and I want my rhino to be a forgeworld lascannan razorback, but without the money in my budget, it was time to scratchbuild the turret. Building the rhino was pretty straight forward no explaination needed.

When it came time to build the turret I used the phot on the forgeworld website as reference. It took multiple attempts to get the scale right but other then that cutting the plasticard was easy. Then I drilled a hole through the side of the body and pod of the turret and installed a brass rod, then I mounted the predator sponson lascannons (unmodified) on the end rod. I used the front of the tank scannner on the face of the pod. I cut the mounting disc from 1/8 plasticard using the original as a template and then cut a smaller disc and glued it to the bottom to have it fit into recess on the tank plate. The other bits are tau bits are from my scrapbox. The hardest part was gettin the pod and cannons to move together, but I did get to work. It actually moves up and down and in a 360 and is completly removable.

When it came time to paint it, I went with Red Scorpion colors and used Charadon Granite with Codex and Fortress Grey highlights and Iyanden DarkSun and Sunburst Yellow highlights. I mixed all the above colors to give a good subtle highlight. Also I used Boltgun Metal, Chainmail and Mythril silver for all the metallics. There is also some Chaos Black and Skull white. All the numbers and symbols are hand painted and not decals. I also painted the interior with great detail. The model took about 30 hours start to finish.

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PTR said...

That razorback looks very nice. I like the wide turret. And the colour scheme is understated yet powerful.